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On top of that, they use the Thus we end up with biblical scholars who can't sight read the Greek texts but can masterfully apply the elusive "epexegetical" label, and Classicists who can instantly give you the gist of any given text, but have no idea what "anarthrous" means. Posted on This book is similar to Long's 101 book but it is easier to read and has better exercises. We've got a huge heart for theological education in Latin America too. I would highly recommend If Mounce and Dobson (now sadly deceased) had gotten together, they could have created a really meaningful package for learning biblical Greek. Dec 15, 2009 - Learn to Read New Testament Greek, Third Edition by David Alan Black. That Classical Greek writers anticipated students later translating their works and figured they'd use the most obscure forms of nouns that they could dig up. Sep 3, 2011 - This article is for anyone who wants to learn how to read the New Testament in the language it was written in. In addition to its support by the great consensus of Greek manuscripts, see the note on Matt 4:5 for a broader range of reasons why λεγει is also secure on internal grounds. I think I'll like it because it teaches NT Scroll about halfway down the page and read carefully the comments about the pros and cons of Dobson's method and what you need to do to rectify the problem. Apr 22, 2014 - She greatly assisted us in the translation of Dave Black's Learn to Read New Testament Greek. Sep 1, 2008 - What am I learning? Dobson's "Learn New Testament Greek". Nov 2, 2012 - So what happens to us, psychologically, as teenagers, if we then go to college and learn New Testament Greek and start studying it in the editions such as Nestle-Aland? Dec 13, 2010 - Dave Black asked on his blog whether people would like to see a Babel Flashcards module for his esteemed grammar Learn to Read New Testament Greek. Posted by jonathancborland at 7:36 AM. Jan 7, 2012 - Learn to Read New Testament Greek. Nov 21, 2013 - Logos' Baker Academic Biblical Greek Collection (6 vols) – A Great Resource for Learning or Refreshing Your Greek. Jan 4, 2011 - An academic staple updated for the first time in fifteen years, David Alan Black's user-friendly introduction to New Testament Greek keeps discussion of grammar as non-technical as possible.

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